A little human kindness…..   2 comments

Despite the fact that we meet and greet hundreds of thousands of people every year at the castle, sometimes something will happen that both surprises and reminds me that you can never take people for granted. Acts of  genuine kindness and humanity are still out there.

Yesterday, a foreign family, speaking very little English, arrive at the Ticket Office with an Amex card, a Diners card, US Dollars, and some Euros (none of which we accept) but have absolutely no Sterling money whatsoever! As such, they are not able to pay for a ticket and the three young daughters are looking extremely disappointed.

As they stand there wondering what to do, from nowhere, a complete and total stranger steps forward and says, “I’ll pay for their ticket” and proceeds to do so.

The look of surprise, astonishment and delight on the entire familys faces is something that will remain with me for a very long time. I should probably add that the stranger in question also declined to accept the US Dollars that were offered in exchange.

The whole experience left me with a warm fuzzy feeling, and whoever this stranger was, I salute you.

So todays question and challenge is, what can you do today to add a little sunshine to someones life. Go on, surprise someone…….


Posted July 9, 2010 by eileandonan in Tales & Stories

2 responses to “A little human kindness…..

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  1. Hi David…thanks for sharing that lovely story. It is great to know that there are people in the world who do this – a simple kindness for another. I love going to music festivals, and as a great believer in the whole concept of “pay it forward” will, at least once over a weekend, but a coffee or a meal for the person behind me in the queue. (Don’t know that I’d give up my erse skelping though!)…it’s lovely…doing a kindness for someone else. I always hope that they remember, and do it for another sometime along in their own journey. Thanks so much for keeping us all linked in to your beautiful part of the world…warmest regards from Australia… 🙂 Leanne..

  2. wonderful story!!

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