North, South, East or ………? You decide…….   2 comments

For the vast majority of visitors there are three different positions to view the castle from, each with their own seperate identity,  but what is your own personal favourite?

Those three positions are from the North (from close to Dornie Hall), from the East (essentially face on from the Visitor Centre) and from the South (the headland area at the far end of the overflow car park.) Yes I know you can also view it from the West (at Totaig, on the opposite side of Loch Duich) but the vast majority of our visitors never go over there, and I’ve yet to see a really striking shot that compares with those from the other three positions.

So your three choices are firstly, from the north

from the NORTH

secondly, from the south

from the SOUTH

and finally, from the East.

from the EAST

So what is your own favourite angle?

Oh, and for those that like to take the alternative view, here’s one from the West.

from the WEST

What’s your personal favourite, and why?


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2 responses to “North, South, East or ………? You decide…….

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  1. I like best the view from the west. Maybe it’s my marauding spirit, maybe it’s because my McDonalds and McQueens lived west of you, maybe it’s because I live west (by several thousand miles) from you. But, as I’ve said before, every view of Eilean Donan is stunning. What a gorgeous place it is!

  2. I love the view from the south. They are all so beautiful. My sister and I are hoping to bring my father to see it in 2012 for his 55th birthday and I hope this will be the first view we see.

    Michelle Mcrae-Gunter

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