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It’s a wet and miserable start to the weekend here in Lochalsh, but there’s a bright and sunny outlook in our Coffee Shop today! We’re hosting the first of 4 traditional music events with “CEILAIR”, a group of very talented young musicians from the area.

The western highlands has a great reputation as a stronghold for traditional music, and we always try to support this whenever we can. For the last 5 years CEILAIR have performed at the castle during the summer and have always been really well received. This year we have three day-time sessions booked along with an evening concert inside the castle itself.

Normally the day time sessions are located outdoors underneath the trees outside the visitor centre, but the weather is so horrible today we’ve got them inside in the Coffee Shop which is proving immensely entertaining. I’ve got Spanish ladies doing jigs in the middle of the floor, Frenchmen clapping and stomping their feet, Italians desperately trying to get into the rythm, and Scots looking on bemused. Any minute now I’m expecting the whole place to erupt into a full blown Ceilidh! The place is jumping, and the sound of live music is filling the entire Visitor Centre. Anyone for a “Strip the Willow”?

The line up for CEILAIR changes every year, giving talented young musicians valuable experience of performing in front of a live audience, in a wide variety of different venues. The next two dates for the day-time sessions are the 22nd & 28th of July, followed by an evening concert in the Banqueting Hall on Thursday 29th of July at 7.30pm as a fund-raiser for the Dornie Kids Christmas party. So if you’re in the area on any of these dates, pop in, it’s great fun.

Ceilair 2010


Posted July 16, 2010 by eileandonan in Music

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