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We’re getting really, really busy here folks so please excuse the fact that blog entries might be a bit on the thin side for the next month.  That said, following a recent enquiry from Tom McRae, one of our readers, I thought I’d give you all a wee  bit of an exclusive!

Ordinarily, our season ends and the castle closes around the 1st of November each year, with a closure period of around 15-16 weeks, normally reopening around early March. It’s become apparent, that more and more visitors are coming to Skye & Lochalsh during the winter months, and some are often disappointed that many facilities are closed.

To be honest, we’ve had a bit of a “Chicken & Egg” problem with this issue. Do we wait until winter visitor numbers are sufficient to warrant opening, or do we open and hope that people will come? It’s always been a question of business economics, but as one of the largest Visitor Attractions in the Highlands, we don’t feel we can ignore the issue any longer, and as such, we’re going to trial some limited winter opening.

The current plan is to open 3 days per week, probably Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays from 10.00am – 3.00pm, through November, most of December and February, with guided tours every 30 minutes. Hopefully this will be a pre-cursor to extended opening in future years, but that will really depend on the uptake.

As some of you will already know, the Highlands in winter can be an absolutely beautiful location, and for many it’s a favourite time of year to visit. The peace, quiet and tranquility of the place really comes in to its own. Many hotels offer fabulous deals at this time of year too.

Anyway, if you’re around this winter, pop in and we’ll give you a warm welcome and an exclusive tour! We might even be able to take you to see some of the areas not normally open to the public!


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4 responses to “Winter opening…

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  1. Sounds like you have that job opening I was enquiring about a few days ago! {{LOL}}

    This sounds like a wonderful idea; I wish you great success! The down side being, of course, that you can no longer look forward to having the winter months to yourself . . .

    I’d love to see the Castle in winter; the pictures of it are simply stunning!

  2. Thank you for your response to my post. We are glad to see the change and are looking foreward to visiting in mid November.

    Tom, Joyce, Stephanie and Don

    • Tom, we do have some weddings on through the winter including each of the 4 Saturdays in November, where they are starting in the afternoon. Just to be on the safe side, contact me before-hand just to double check. I wouldn’t want you and your family to be disappointed.

  3. Love the place. Got married here on 13.2.01. Recently discovered I’m part Mcrae….you couldn’t make it up!

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