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Eilean Donan has a truly international appeal with visitors coming to us from every corner of the planet. We were approached by Sony Music Corporation to provide the venue for a music video for one of Japans biggest popstars, Yuna Ito, who was recording the soundtrack for a huge Japanese movie NANA 2.

Now we’ve done music videos here before and are always happy to accomodate them whenever its possible, but only if it doesn’t interfere with our visitors. We were somewhat taken aback however when Sony turned up with a crew of about 100 personnel to shoot this event, and realised that this had to be something a bit special.

Yuna herself was absolutely delightful and I have to say that the whole SONY crew treated the site with great respect while they were here and we look forward to welcoming them back.

Anyway, here’s the video for you to have a look at which contains some great footage of the castle.


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4 responses to “Big in Japan……..

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  1. Wow! What a stunning video! Yes, she’s very pretty and has a lovely voice (I liked the song even if I don’t know Japanese!), but “my” castle was the focal point for me. What beautiful shots of it — simply outstanding! I SO long to be there again . . . C’mon 2012!!!

  2. How beautiful!

  3. What an amazingly beautiful video! Perfect scenes both outside and in. Was surprised to see the banqueting hall shots. Brought back memories of our wedding ceremony in that room May 15, 1997. Makes me long to be there and in the Highlands more than I can express.

    Scott and Jean McRae
  4. I shared this video on my face book wall!! Wonderful views inside & out…nice job Sony!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

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