The Sky’s the limit…..   3 comments

Have you ever looked at a painting and thought that the artist has taken just a little too much artistic license or been a bit heavy with the colours. Frequently, I see skies that look so dramatic in these paintings that you think,  “that’s just too over the top! No natural sky ever looks like that.”

Well, last night Mother Nature taught me a very salutory lesson, not to take her for granted, and that just sometimes, these over exhuberant artists actually DO get it right.

The sky was in absolute chaos as the sun went down over the castle last night, especially looking down Loch Alsh towards the Cuillins. The variety of different clouds was quite amazing and we were treated to a half hour light show that just took the breath away.

Here’s a little taste of Mother Natures power to astound……….


Posted August 10, 2010 by eileandonan in Miscellaneous

3 responses to “The Sky’s the limit…..

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  1. Looks gorgeous. I don’t see any sunsets really, stuck up here in the depths of a glen. Can’t wait for our new house when we’ll see some crackers I’m sure!

  2. Absolutely breathtaking. A true gift for you to experience.

  3. I would put a copy of this photo on my dining room wall…love it!!!

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