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For the last three weeks internationally acclaimed artists Evgeny & Lydia Baranov have based themselves in Dornie with the sole purpose of capturing the castle from a variety of different angles. Last night I had the opportunity to have a world-exclusive preview of the 19 different canvasses they have somehow managed to create in remarkably short time.

Husband & wife team Evgeny & Lydia were previously completely unaware of Eilean Donan until by pure chance, they spotted it in the movie “Elizabeth – The Golden Age”. Evgeny suggested that perhaps they should paint it at some point, so when Lydia started considering a holiday location to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, Eilean Donan was top of their list. (It also satisfied Lydia’s main proviso that wherever they went it shouldn’t be too hot! Big tick there then!)

The artists have a somewhat unique approach to their work in so much that they both work on each canvas at exactly the same time, working in close tandem with each other. I asked them about the potential for creative conflict, and although they acknowledged that on occaission, they do disagree, (much like every married couple), 20 years of practise has helped them to manage any differences of opinion.

Their work has quite a following with collectors including our Royal Family, the Russian Patriarchy and Clint Eastwood who owns some 22 pieces. This is the first time that they have attempted to paint so many pieces of one subject, and it is abundantly clear that Eilean Donan has left its mark on them. Lydia especially is  not looking forward to leaving, and it is their full intention to return at some point in the winter months to try and capture the essence of the different seasons. Their first love, is to paint portraits, and have therefore requested whether the could paint Mrs MacRae who they met last week.

I took some photos of some of the canvasses last night so I could share them with you today. Please note that due to the vagries of internal lighting and some dodgey photography skills, they are not an absolute true reflection of the quality of the work or true colours, but should hopefully be good enough to give at least some impression of these wonderful artists. We look forward to welcoming them back.

For more information on the artists and their work please click here to go to their website.


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  1. Stunning work, I’m going to be doing something similar in November, but photography rather than painting and for two days rather than 3 weeks!

  2. Beautiful! Such talent! And you couldn’t find a better subject to paint!

  3. All are very beautiful. Hope to someday visit. That is my dream.

  4. Fabulous paintings, very talented, visited the castle for the first time in march 2010.
    It is abosolutely stunning.


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