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Hi folks, just a quick request for some input. I’ve just changed the style of the blog in an effort to hopefully make it a little easier to navigate around. I’m not sure if I like the new format but I do think it’s more user-friendly. Any feedback gratefully received. Should I keep it or change it back?

Thanks for any comments.


Posted August 19, 2010 by eileandonan in Miscellaneous

5 responses to “New style….

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  1. Keep it! Definately more user friendly. Keep up the great work!


  2. Keep it! So much easier to navigate through. The only thing I’m unsure about are the “Possibly Related Posts.” Not sure that needs to be there. But otherwise, this looks GREAT!

    • Hi Eilidh, unfortunately, I don’t really have any choice with the “Possibly Related Posts” as if I turn it off, our Blog won’t be picked up anywhere else. As far as I know, it only shows this on phones or Ipods. It shouldn’t do it on PCs.

  3. I love it, great job. It is much easier to move around. Thanks

  4. I love it!

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