Why the Highlands?   1 comment

On a morning like this, when the sun is splitting the sky, the Scottish Highlands really do present themselves in their full majestic glory. The purple heather is glowing in full bloom on the hills, the sea is glistening and the quality of light just brings the entire place to life. Millions of tourists and visitors are currently enjoying the opportunity to see our country at its’ absolute best and it struck me that there are still just as many people in the UK who have absolutely no idea of some of the riches that are right here on their own doorstep.

Personally speaking, I don’t actually like the word “Staycations” ; the newly-created current buzz-word that is being used by all corners of the media for people who have elected to holiday at home during these times of economic difficulties, rather than go abroad. The word itself does cover the topic neatly but I’ve just never like it.

There is no doubt whatsoever that here at Eilean Donan we have witnessed hugely increased numbers of visitors from the UK over the last two years and it has truly astonished me the reaction of people who have visited the Highlands for the very first time and have clearly been just blown away by it all. It’s quite clear that many of those people know more about the Meditteranean Region than they do about their own country!

So why the Highlands? What makes it so special for those of us that do know it? Is there one thing that encapsulates it or is it a combination of lots of different factors? We all have different views on why it pulls on the heart-strings and I’d be interested to hear your own personal views.

Three years ago we celebrated “Highland 2007” the year of Highland Culture, and I’ve always thought that the wonderful promotional video that accompanied the event captured at least some of the essence of life in the highlands. I stumbled across it recently, and thought that there might be a few of you out there who hadn’t seen it, so here it is.


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  1. Lovely video; thank you!

    There are so many reasons this area calls to me, some I can name, some I can’t, for the simple reason it speaks to my soul and is a feeling I cannot put into words! The people are genuine and kind, the culture is amazing, the history is something to be proud of . . . and, of course, the wonderful views from just about anywhere you go in the Highlands!

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