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We’ve had some really fabulous weather over the last few days; probably better than anything we’ve seen the entire summer. It was such a great day and so warm here yesterday that I decided to have another experiment with the dreaded video camera!

In future, I’m going to have to use a tripod to steady the shots, but to be honest I was more interested in sorting out the technical side of how to actually get self-shot video on here, especially after my last nightmare experience! I think I’ve got it sorted now, so any future videos will focus on some of the internal aspects of the castle.

Anyway, I hope the sun is also shining wherever in the world you are today!

The accompanying music is “Smirisary” by the wonderful Blazin Fiddles.


Posted September 3, 2010 by eileandonan in Miscellaneous

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3 responses to “Video – Take 2!!!

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  1. So beautiful, made my day . Thanks so much !

  2. Just beautiful. I am really looking forward to our visit in November. The weather looks much like what we have today in Kansas, USA.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for the video, from someone who lives far away in the states, but dearly hopes to visit one day.

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