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Every so often, I stumble across something completely and totally unexpected at Eilean Donan and today I have a real wee gem of a find to share with you all! An exclusive preview that you can have a look at before ANYONE else!

Tucked away in the back of a dusty drawer in the castle we recently discovered a small blue nondescript cardboard wallet with the words ” LIZARS Developing & Printing Services“. Upon opening, we duly discovered around 60 old photographs from what I believe to be approximately the very late 1920’s and early 30s depicting scenes of the castle’s reconstruction!

Although they have started to fade a little, I’ve had them professionally scanned in order to preserve them, and can now share them with the world. The reconstruction took about 20 years in total, partly due to World War I happening right in the middle of it. When you see some of the construction methods that were used back then, you also get a sense of why the project took so long.

There’s also one or two images of Farquar MacRae, the legendary Clerk of Works of the whole project, who lived on the island in a small hut for much of the construction period, but who sadly died only 6 months before its completion. There’s also a glimpse of Lt Col John MacRae-Gilstrap and his wife Isabella, along with a local shot or two of what is now known as the Loch Duich Hotel. The final 5 photos are from the grand opening day in 1932 when the Lt Col led the Clan MacRae and the local community on a march to the castle.

Anyway, enough from me, here are the photos and I hope you enjoy this little treasure trove!

(If you click once on each image, you’ll get a slightly larger view.)

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4 responses to “Reconstruction Photographs discovery………..

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  1. loved the eilean donan story ,living down under with celtic heritage has its problems! slight rosacea for one, but 5th generation aussie keeps me here. love to get over one day, one word for your site, MAGIC! cheers claude

  2. Yet another amazing blog article. I love, love, love old photographs and because these are part of such a historical event taking place in my homeland they are all the more special and exceptional.
    Put them on a disc………. I would buy it 🙂

  3. OH, WOW, these photos are wonderful. We visited this beautiful site three years ago and I have to admit, I love a chunk of my heart here. This has to be one of the most beautiful castles that I’ve seen or visited. Thank you so much for sharing the photos of the reconstruction. My dream is to return and walk through those halls again. Wonderful, wonderful.

  4. thank you so mutch !!!!!!!! so beautiful !!!!!!!
    ich danke ihnen für diese wundervollen photos es ist wie die erste Liebe !
    greetings, Matt

    Matthew Meyer-Falk

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