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Posted July 23, 2010 by eileandonan

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  1. WOW ! So beautiful !

    • I know. I visited back in July of 2008. It was my favorite castle of all in Scotland. It is truly breathtaking with the view of the water. My mom took the picture we made of the castle and blew it up and it is one of my favorite pictures in her house. All I have to say is that you have to see it to believe how amazing this castle really is.
      Melody De Guzman

      Melody De Guzman
  2. I wish I could come for a visit ! Maybe someday.

  3. It is beautiful – words cant do it justice. I can’t make up my mind which picture is the best. There are too many – in fact they are all good.

  4. Wow!!!! Is so beautiful!!!!
    Dios mío, moriría por ir a verlo es tan impresionante. Aunque en realidad toda Escocia es preciosa.

  5. this is looks like to be one of the most beutiful buildings in the world, someday i shall visit it.

  6. Just visited this fantastic castle this week, if your in the area, it’s a must see, and what nice people to! You can’t take pictures inside, which is such a shame.

  7. Absolutely breathtaking.

  8. Wow!! Excellect collection

  9. beautifull pictures! It is my friends ancestory home too – would like to buy some photos for her is this possible?

  10. Absolutely magnificent. Stunning, beautiful, I could go on and on.

  11. David, y’all need to offer some of these photos for sale…with permission from the photographers of course… Both of y’all would make a mint!

    aurora mata, Scotland Lover par excellence!
  12. Will be visiting in May 2013. Wonderful pictures.

  13. We visited the castle last July for the second time and it is as beautiful as it is on the photos.
    It’s breathtaking!

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